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more book thinking

More thinking on the book:

Emor and Drugane leave the forest and head south towards where Emor's uncle lives. The move on foot, off the roads, because Emor was identified during their time in the forest and Drugane is concerned that there will be people on the lookout now for Emor.

They head south and pass through the town just north of the sea where the Uncle lives. The foresters in the area still catch Emor and Drugane milling around in their land. The main character from this area's job is to be in the know. He has wandered around and gathered information for a living, so he recognizes both Emor and Drugane for who they are. They are traveling under the guise that they are couriers to take information to the Uncle of Emor's. This guy doesn't buy it and calls them on it.

The forester shares that the druggies are aware of the death of Emor's father and that Emor has been seen in the area, and they are searching for him. He is angry that they are in his territory, because they are going to bring trouble on his town. He wants them to get out.

They talk him into letting them go down to visit the Uncle (whom he doesn't know much about), and he lends them two horses.

A note on the foresters - The town they are guarding has sworn off this plant. The foresters mark themselves by, after completing their training, wrapping a strand of root around their arm. The roots have a low pH and cause puffy burns, which heal in a scar. This also causes a fever which allows the person to experience the syptoms of the plant.

Emor doesn't actually talk to his Uncle. They are having to ask around for him, and he runs (?) or hides. He decides his Uncle is a coward, and decides he's going to take this on himself.

At some point they need to find out that the drug makers are rallying to assault Emor's home town, since they are now aware that they are leaderless. Not sure if this should happen before or after the run down to the Uncle's. They use the horses given to them by the forester to make the trek back more quickly (timeline fix!!). Somehow they inlist either the main forester or a secondary character (or a few) to go back with them.

On the trip back they are moving on the main roads for haste, and get pulled off by a trap. I'm envisioning a scene where they pull of the path and are galloping in a field, get turned a few times by running into bands addicts, and are forced into a line that takes them to the pit. A good number of them fall in, including Emor and Drugane. I'm picturing some basic sharp implements that kill/injure horses. They somehow use Drugane's stash to get out of the situation, and this is an opportunity to Emor to show his leadership skills.

At some point a conversation needs to happen where Emor has to choose between going after the drug makers or going home to defend the keep. And he has to decide between going with a limited force or trying to pull people off the forest, which would loose all the ground they had made and expose other areas. He comes up with a plan, using his knowledge of his home town, to take a small force. And in Kirk-like stubborness he firmly believes that he can make this work, and that he'll get back in time and all that jazz.

I need more characters!
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