scatteredreamz (scatteredreamz) wrote,

Just a silly love song.

I have never found a man to whom I could give my song.

And I fear to create an idol no mortal man can overcome.

I fear to wait, and miss life.
But I yearn to sing.

Will my day come? Will I sing out one song before my life fades to naught?
Will he come?

The stars are not yet jewels, the wind not yet a caress.
They are just stars, just wind, just life.
And it’s just me: no other besides.

I fear to search. I fear to never find.
I fear the loneliness of the night.
And yet...

Oh world, hear my ache, hear my cry.
Hear the screams of agony found only in one who wishes to taste bliss.
Hear me call for that song.

And I don’t care how long the wait may be,
How unbearable it may become.
Just please, please let me sing at the ending.
Don’t give the curtain call just yet. There’s still one more scene.

Because isn’t that how it goes?
Can’t I have my silly love song?
Or am I just a fool to dream?

ps- thank you fierytigress for the icon base. And my buddie Lauren for helping me with the new layout! The green is the color of Ewan's eyes (RGB 73,107,80; hex 496B50 for anyone who's interested ^_^)
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