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Alrighty, I've taken on quiet a number of hours of mental prodding and some other interesting inner searchings to bring you (dahdahdaDA!) the creation story of Midgard. (the world in which The Quest of Emor will henceforth take place, since it sounds cool and dirives from the same Anglo-Saxon word that inspired Tolkien to name his creation Middle-Earth (which dirives from Middegeard, which is directly translated as such).

The follow is the attempt of a human to recreate in parable (or allegory, whichever) the complex structure of the universe. Note that there is one derivision, which takes place with the creation of the Black Spectres. I created Satan as a multiple rather than a single (and added in the idea of preconcieved Shadow) simply to change things up a bit. That and I bet Satan is rather multileveled and pluralistic, and it makes him slightly omnipotent without having him reside in a hell that is outside of the world, which I didn't want to do simply because I wanted to push the idea that he was a created, not a creator, hence remaining true to One God, which can become a confusing situation. (as you'ver probably noticed while scratching your head reading this. it took forever for me to get my head around).

So, read on. As you can see I'm kinda getting into a backstory thing. I will probably be updating soon with a structure of how magic works (it has something to do with a language, elements and mental imaging) and then the backstory on the 4 guardians (who are Brodi, Parsilan, Wendel and Drugane, but Drugane, being already well flushed out, probably will only make a sneak appearance)

There was the creator, and there was the created. The creator created, creating a world governed by Elements of fire, water, wind and earth. And then, seeing a need for free will and choice, he created evil in the form of Shadow. For every source of light, there was shadow. Without Shadow, there could be no Light, and without light, shadow could not exist. Light was able to appreciate the existance of the Shadow, by which the creatures of the world could contrast light from darkness. Shadow, however, did not understand this. While Light was content to coexist, Shadow began plotting how to take control. Meanwhile God (my creator and my inspiration) created the creatures of the earth, making each unique. To elves he blessed long life, to man short life. To man he blessed strength, to elves intellegence. And he placed upon each of them an Achilles' heel. To Man he gave greed, to elves complacency. After these he created all other. Rather than created them together, as elves and men, he created each one apart. Brigs, Goblins, Valir, Wyrvin, Dragons, Emps, Dwarves and all such creatures. Only on man and elves did he create a bond, like twins born from the same womb. So then Men and Elves would love each other and hate each other, work together for one and apart for themselves alone.

God sought to give his creatures choice. And in order to allow men and elves to choose fairly, he created balance.

For every light he created a shadow. And he commanded the light and the shadow to govern over those who chose them. But Shadow was not content in his place. Shadow, envious of God's power (he did not delight in sharing power with Light), sought to become as powerful as God. He watched discontented while God set up his world, set it upon its axis and gave it a spin. For God, the world was an expression of his love, but for Shadow it was a prize and a possesion to be sought. He watched God for eons, not content in his role, and finally he stole the power to create, forming from the shadows over which he had been given dominion a new creature, to which he gave the name Spectre. Because he saw no need for balance (indeed, he loathed it as a child loaths brocolli - which I might add is mighty good for you and really doesn't taste that bad once you get used to it), he did not give his creatures limits or weaknesses. He made them powerful, intellegent, and long lived. Seeing what Shadow had done, God cried him a fool. Yet this was Shadow's choice, and he did not destroy the creatures.Shadow, consumed with pride, marveled at his own intelegence. He had created a creature that God himself could not destroy (or so he thought), and had attained the same level as God by learning to create (despite the fact that he made his creatures from shadow, which God created from nothing). Shadow, in his blindness, could not see what folly he had created. For without creating balance, he had created a force that could not be contained by even himself. Soon the Spectres became aware that they were stronger, wiser, and more powerful than the Shadow. They ceased to obey his commands, and became their own master. Shadow, finally aware of his mistake, sought forgiveness from God. And God, in his infinate wisdom that not even the spectres could ever surpass, forgave Shadow. He commanded Men to bury deep into the Trin Mountains, and under his hand they created a gate. Then to the elves he commanded to come to the Trin Mountains, and under his hand they created a lock. Then he summoned mages from both Men and Elves, and together they placed a command upon the steel lock and the rock hewn gates, so that they could not be broken open by the power of the spectres. Then the spectres was sealed inside, and the gates were close, and the lock was set. And the mages scrolled above the gate these words:"He who chooses to open this gate, chooses death for all. No glory lays beyond, only darkness." And behind a second gate God set White Spirits. For he knew that in time Shadow would unclasp the latch that held the gates closed. But when they opened, Light would have her own followers. In this way God returned the world to balance. And so when Shadow whispered lies into Grinwol's ear, and Grinwol opened the gates and let loose the Spectres once more, the White Spirits would be waiting to maintain balance.

Shadow, in the end, would pay for his choice. When the Spectres were unleashed, the saw no reason to thank Shadow, nor did they see any reason to keep him around. They consumed him, taking his place. Shadow gave way to Darkness. The Spectres consumed, and the Light replinished. The choices for man and elves changed, throwing many off guard. And God told man and elves that choice would now have consiquences. If they chose to follow the Spectres, they would be under their control, and God would not rescue them. But if they chose to remain with God, to remain with light, He would take care of them. And he embraced Light, and became Light, and began the Ending battle, in which balance would finally come to an end. God would win, for he was more powerful than the creation of Shadow. But Spectres would not concieve it, and strove with all their might to displace him. For by creating creatures without weakness, he built into them an inherent crack more paralizing than any that God set upon his own creature: overwhelming and unconsumable pride that banashes reason. Some day, God will end the battle, end the balance and the choice, and the Spectres will be banished from the earth for good, and God will wipe the earth clean and create a world for those who chose him. But until then, there is still choice. And that is what all stories are about.

... I like bringing out the ignorance of the Spectres, to show of their powerful weakness. A light can vanquish a shadow, but no shadow can vanquish a light. Spectre is so powerful because he (they) is master of weakness. The weaknesses of man and elves are its strength. However that means that the minions of Spectres are weak, easily defeated and conquered (and, in the case of the goblins who killed Grinwol, power hungry). That is the thing that frustrates the Spectres so. They at first chided God for his idiocy, by making man and elves with flaws that made them vulnerable to Spectres. But when he got power of them, he realized who he was dealing with: weaklings. Which, I must admit, must be very frustrating to a perfect creature, wouldn't you agree? lol, I dunno, I want to show of God's sense of balance and, more poignantly, his sense of humor. That and I was frustrated because i wanted to put God into my book, but I didn't like the idea of presenting my Lord as one of many, fighting for my attention. Instead I wanted to show him as he is: the one, who deserves my attention.

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