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Welcome to Elenya's writing journal!

Please leave a comment if you read something, I'm always looking for feedback. For reference sake, anything concerning The Quest of Emor is for my book. Nothing here is over PG (all my friends can attest to that) so don't worry XD And remember, all material within this realm is copywrited by your truely (aka me ^_^) so don't be stealing anything, or I'll have to hunt you down and feed you to my Valir. You've been warned XD

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Febuary 8, 2006
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Christian Poems:
Holy Hands, Embrace of Grace,

Poems (non QoE):
A Hero's Tale, My Self Made Prison, A Lifeless Breath(2nd), Springtime's Kiss, A Banished King, Dawn of a King, Homecoming, Musical Addiction, Someday(1st), Nicolas(2nd), The Bee(2nd), Surreal, Don't Be Stupid, 2D, Can I Stir You?, Pop Quiz, Dance, Journal of a Journey, The Fence, A Baneful Pride

Kingdom Hearts (fan fiction):
Falling, A Sorrowful Reunion, Forgotten Road

The Quest of Emor:
A Midnight Journey, Introduction, The Back Cover, A King Indeed, Drugane's 'Last' Scene, Ch1-Emor Blows Up in the Square, Prologue, Epilouge, How is it that a Crown of Air can feel so Heavy?, White Spectre, Drugane Confronts Reya, A Sacrific, The Dialouge of Kings, Nightmares(Ch4), Black Spectre's Chill, The Crumbling Stone of Marwick (the story), A Short Love Scene (Drugane and Reya), Chapter 1, Chapter 2, Chapter 3 (other website), Chapter 4 (pt 1), Chapter 4 (pt 2), An Emor Moment, A Red-Headed Shadow

Background info on the world of The Quest of Emor (Midgard):
Time Line, Maps, Grinwol, Black Specters and Driconel, Clothing for Emor, Drugane and Reya,Light and Shadow: The Creation*,Weapon/Attire Images*,

The Quest of Emor Poems:
The Prophecy, The Crumbling Stone of Marwick(1st), Drugane's Lament, The Plea of the King, Table of Contents, Yawning Druid's Call, Red Eyes, Emor's Traveling Song, Elven Song of Trilanta,

Dawn's New Rising:
Meet Katrin, Run Away With Me, A World Without You, The Chase,

Short Stories:
A Time to Come, The Imfamy of Writing, A Curse Upon the System, Finding Neverland, Those Left Behind, The Wide Brimmed Hat, Just a Silly Love Song, Here Be Dragons, Temple of the Ancient God, Sin of Intoxication

For more on The Quest of Emor, visit my website at The Apparition.
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